An ancient race of explorers who created the rings of Eris Beta-V as a result of a miscalculation leading to a cosmic accident.

Just beyond the edge of civilized space is the sun designated Hyaergos Beta-V. The third planet from Hyaergos is Eris, a warm gas giant upon which the universe saw fit to bestow an amazing gift—a system of eight moons and two rings. What’s so special about Eris’ rings?

The rings are relatively young, astronomically speaking—2.1 million years, by JumpCorp scientists’ estimates—so millennia of impacts haven’t yet pounded them into flat disks of glittering stardust. These rings are made up of many meteoroids, planetoids, planetesimals, and millions of asteroids, some as big as spacecraft, constantly tumbling and colliding. They’re also enriched with more silicon, heavy metals, and precious elements than anywhere else in the sector. And let’s not forget the Voidsmen’s lost artifacts!



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