In The Last Parsec, the player characters work for the galaxy-spanning corporation called JumpCorp. JumpCorp operates across the cosmos, dealing in everything from trade to mining, security, and exploration.

Lingua Universal is a requirement to work for JumpCorp.

JumpCorp exploration team and other “all hours” members live and work aboard their vessel or station. Salary starts at C$5,000 for 30 standard days service, plus room and board. Average employees receive a 3% bonus every year after their first three. Some missions command bonuses or hazard pay as well.

Assets and Aid
JumpCorp has regional offices in many star systems and sectors throughout the Known Worlds, as well as research stations, trade and travel offices, and independent operatives in many far-flung corners. While these can sometimes offer some material assistance, clarification of instructions and advice, they are seldom in a position to lend direct aid to their team members, who they consider to be independent and self-reliant contractors.



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